Netizens Freak Out Over Photo Of WINNER Mino And Suspected “Girlfriend”

A photo of Song Mino became a hot topic as netizens asked about the girl next to him!

An internet user who was just discovering WINNER posted a photo of Mino on a questions forum, asking who the “woman” next to him was and whether Mino maybe had a girlfriend.

“I learned about Song Mino while watching SMTM videos, but who is the girl next to him?? Does Song Mino have a girlfriend?? Is he publically dating??” — Netizen

But the person standing next to Mino was actually fellow WINNER member Kim Jinu!

A fan clarified that the person in the grey hoodie was actually a man and explained that Jinu is very well known for his beautiful, flower-boy looks.

“…? He’s not a girl… He’s a member of WINNER named Kim Jinu ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s a guy. He’s a very beautiful man with the visuals of a female. ㅋㅋ” — Netizen’s Answer

The photo in question was actually taken during WINNER’s radio broadcast.

But netizens agree that it’s a common mistake as Jinu is famous for his feminine features.

And Mino and Jinu’s friendship is definitely very close!

There is even fanfiction that ships them together, abbreviating their relationship to “Minwoo”, and they are also known as WINNER’s “Royal Couple!”

Here’s to the beautiful couple! 😘