Netizens Freaked Out After Finding A Hollywood Actor In A Photo With BTS’s Jin When They Were Kids 

They can’t get over the coincidence 😱

Netizens found a photo of BTS‘s Jin that left everyone freaking out!

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Netizens did what they do best and dug into BTS Jin’s pre-debut days when they got their hands on a very special photo. In the photo, fans can see Jin (red hoodie) posing for the photo with three friends.

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At first glance, it may seem like a normal picture and you may be wondering why this particular photo is weirding netizens out. Well, the reason is because the boy on the very left (stripe zip up) is famous Australian actor, Mitchell Hope! Mitchell Hope is an Australian model and actor, who is most known for his portrayal as Ben in the Descendants movie trilogy.

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It’s been revealed that the photo in question was taken when the BTS member went to Australia for some language training during his vacation. By chance, he took a photo with some friends but it turns out that one of the boys is a Hollywood actor. What are the odds?

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Netizens freaked out over the crazy coincidence and naturally, had quite a bit to say about the matter. Let’s take a look.

| Nate
  • “This is crazy…they say handsome people only hangout with other handsome people”
  • “This is crazy….so cute”
  • “Is he the guy who plays the prince in Descendants? I loved that movie”
  • “He can add another to his list of virtuous people”
  • “This is so fascinating”
  • “Kim Seok Jin’s life is a freaking movie”
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What a crazy coincidence! We can’t help but wonder if either party know about the other after their rise in fame. Regardless, we love this story and hope that one day, Jin and Mitchell will cross paths again!


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