Netizens furious over YG’s harsh remarks on a female “Mix Nine” contestant

Yang Hyun Seok’s criticism to a “Mix Nine” contestant was so harsh that it has gone viral online.

Sori of Real Girls Project appeared on the show for a second chance at stardom.

But as soon as she stepped up for her individual audition, Yang Hyun Seok made a comment about her age.

“You’re pretty old… 28 years old.

Isn’t this the age of an idol who should be retiring?”

— Yang Hyun Seok

Taken by surprise, Sori explained that this was just the beginning of her career. But Yang Hyun Seok had more to say.

“What have you been doing until now?”

— Yang Hyun Seok

She explained all of the various obstacles that she had faced during the past years.

“I was a trainee for a long time, where a lot of my teams had failed to debut.

After experiencing that a couple times, I finally debuted in a group called CocoSori in 2016.”

— Sori

But Yang Hyun Seok was non-too-impressed by her resume. He continually shot down her history.

“YG: CocoSori? You failed, didn’t you?

Sori: We sent out to albums, and -“

YG: Whatever the case, you still failed the first album.”

“Sori: I promoted as CocoSori and also promoted as Real Girls Project through this drama.

YG: You do a lot of things, but there’s nothing that works out, is there?”

Through it all, Sori tried to keep her bright energy up.

“Sori: But I enjoy doing what I love!

YG: I don’t think it’s the time for you to be enjoying it.”

Netizens were furious after hearing Yang Hyun Seok criticize her for everything but her singing talents.

“You know he would’ve raged if she mentioned how he was a nobody during Seotaeji And Boys”

“ㅜㅜ I’m just a third party and just reading this got me so angry.”

“You should’ve just critiqued her based on her ability as an idol… People in their 20’s and 30’s are idols.”

— Pann Netizens

After hearing his harsh remarks, Sori couldn’t help but burst into tears as she sang a song composed by her good friend.

With the eyes of YG, her members and the other contestants directed at her, Sori finished her performance.

And Yang Hyun Seok had one thing to say…

“Good job.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

Yang Hyun Seok teared up as he complimented her dedication and allowed her to advance to the next audition.

Sori’s story of her walk so far moved the netizens around the world to tears.

“All I ever did was do my very best to make my dream come true.

I’m so thankful and happy for every opportunity…

But all people say are, ‘You failed’ and ‘You’re too old’.”

— Sori

Yang Hyun Seok soon visited Sori while she was practicing to personally cheer her on in the competition.

“You can only give harsh criticism if you’re interested.

Judging needs to be direct and unbiased.

I truly hope [Sori] does well.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

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Netizens only wish the best for Sori to progress well throughout the survival competition!

Source: xportsnews