Netizens Are Shocked By TXT’s Visuals Which Photos Can’t Do Justice

They are this generation’s visual legends!

Korean netizens are talking about TXT‘s visuals! They can’t seem to get enough of their looks!

Netizens are gushing about how much more good looking they are in real life than on screen! They are known to have unique and various charming points that anyone can surely fall for, but their visuals in real life is a whole different story!

Fans are saying how seeing them in real life is a different experience than just on their screen. Fans are also amazed at how they look extremely good in normal phone-taken photos without any edits! Check out some phone-taken pictures of TXT that capture their gorgeous faces!

Beomgyu looks like a real-life prince in this photo especially with his outfit and accessories that stand out!

Huening Kai also looks like a prince with his unique facial features and gorgeous hair!

Soobin stands out with his charming eyes and sweet gaze! His duality is also something to watch out for!

Taehyun‘s smile is one of the most attractive things about him, and he definitely looks better in it!

Yeonjun‘s visuals are undeniable, but was obviously upgraded when he colored his hair blue!

Photos can never do TXT’s visuals justice! They are just too handsome for the phone lens to capture!

Source: Nate Pann