Koreans are jealous of DIA Chaeyeon’s heart-shaped lips

DIA‘s Chaeyeon is known for being one of the most beautiful celebrities, but netizens were particularly jealous of this one part of her face.

Koreans have noticed how Chaeyeon’s lips look like a heart, and they are in love with it. The top of her lips where her cupid’s bow is, drops down more than the rest of her lips creating the top half of the heart.

Netizens claimed that when Chaeyeon was on Produce 101, her heart-shaped lips seemed strange, but as time passed, her heart-shaped lips began to stand out. It looks as if her stylist has been making her heart-shaped lips the main point of her face.

Her heart-shaped lips are not the only thing that many envy! Chaeyeon’s flawless skin is something all girls wish they had.

Source: Twitter

The refreshing atmosphere Chaeyeon gives off also brought much envy.

Last but not least, netizens craved Chaeyeon’s beautiful eyes and eye color.

Source: Pann