K-Netizens Think Looks Are More Important Than Talent, Arguments Ensue

Do you agree with them?

K-Netizens cannot stop arguing online about the most important essentials for an idol: good looks with great character OR skills with great character?

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Some argued that looks are the most important asset of an idol.

For me, face is a skill

— Korean Netizen

For me it’s face + charms. I feel like if you don’t have skills but you work hard, you’ll still be able to improve, but I’m ready to overlook…

— Korean Netizen

jang wonyoung izone2

Are you joking?ㅋㅋㅋ  For me, I need the face + skills that cannot be bashed no matter where you go

— Korean Netizen

 The face is the pre-requisite

— Korean Netizen


Some netizens, on the other hand, were adamant that skills were more important.

If your skills are so so, your face is also so so

— Korean Netizen

If you don’t have talent, I wouldn’t even care about you

— Korean Netizen

Talent!!! I will join the fandom through skills, and later fall for the face as well

— Korean Netizen


In the end, netizens insisted that both looks and talent are necessary to be an idol.

But charms should be considered a skill too

— Korean Netizen

If you are talented, your face will look good too

— Korean Netizen


Which do you consider more important?

Source: theqoo
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