Netizens Are Losing Their Minds After Seeing What This “Mix Nine” Contestant Looks Like Now

Netizens can’t get over how different he looks:

Sometimes even the simplest styling changes can change someone’s appearance by a lot which is exactly what happened with one former Mix Nine contestant.


Netizens have recently discovered that Mix Nine‘s Kim Junkyu went through a major change with a simple difference in style. Back when he was on Mix Nine, Junkyu wore his hair in a very unique style.


His blond hairdo did catch a lot of attention and many fans really liked the look.


But fast forward to Treasure Box where Junkyu was once again a contestant and his look completely changed.


Gone was the blond hair and shaved sides. Instead, he rocked his natural black in this classic style.


Now Junkyu has been announced as an official member of the upcoming Treasure 13 and his style has once again changed ever so slightly.


Nowadays, Junkyu rocks the black bangs look!


Although the changes in his style were very slight between Mix Nine and now, netizens can’t get over their shock. Some netizens even admitted they had no idea the Junkyu from Mix Nine was the same person as now!


And while a lot of netizens have expressed they like both styles, they just can’t get over how good he looks in his natural black.