Netizens Are Loving How Down-To-Earth “Penthouse” Star Lee Ji Ah Is In Real Life

She’s elegant and simple all at once!

Lee Ji Ah, who currently stars in The Penthouse 3: War in Life, wowed netizens with how down-to-earth she is!

Lee Ji Ah | @e.jiah/Instagram

Lee Ji Ah’s Penthouse character, Shim Su Ryeon, is kind, intelligent, elegant, and extremely wealthy. She lives in the penthouse, and many other characters covet her penthouse apartment.

Lee Ji Ah as Shim Su Ryeon | IMDb

Although Lee Ji Ah is just as kind as her character, she lives a humbler life. During a “What’s in my bag?” segment on Vogue Korea‘s YouTube channel, Penthouse fans got a chance to see just how humble Lee Ji Ah is in real life.


Lee Ji Ah revealed that she uses an eco-friendly handbag gifted to her by fellow actress Han Ji Min. Although she’s been using the bag for over a year, she didn’t know which brand it was from, and she searched for a tag to find the brand’s name.

“I don’t know. Is anything written on it?” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube

As she revealed the contents of her bag, Lee Ji Ah was unsure of who designed many items, like her earrings.

“I don’t know…it’s a product from somewhere.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube

Fans loved seeing how little Lee Ji Ah seems to care about designer pieces, and they found it refreshing.

 Fans fell even more in love with the actress after she revealed that she carries around photographs to sign for people who ask for her autograph.

“I always carry around autograph paper because I get asked that a lot. I wanted to do it on a photograph rather than just a white paper.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube

By revealing that she carries photos with her for fans, Lee Ji Ah showed just how humble and thoughtful she is.

Watch the full “What’s in my bag?” video below!