Netizens Are Having Too Much Fun With This Clip Of ATEEZ Dancing To NCT’s “BOSS”

“I can’t even focus on their dancing egdhjdkaksn”

ATEEZ members Yunho and Mingi did a dance cover of NCT‘s “BOSS” during their interview for The Show on July 16 and thanks to the other members things got really memeworthy really fast.

Despite Mingi and Yunho’s epic dance moves, the BGM provided by San and Hongjoong took center stage.

This video is obviously already pure gold, and you might be thinking there’s no way it could be better, but it does! Talented netizens overlayed San & Hongjoong’s new BGM over a “BOSS” live performance and the result is hilarious.

If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s ATEEZ over the “BOSS” music video.

Monster rookies ATEEZ are wowing the world with their charms and music, and are looking forward to bringing that talent to KCON 2019 LA in August.