Netizens notice something unexpected about NCT Jisung’s body

NCT Dream‘s Jisung seems to be growing at an exponential rate as he begins to hit puberty. 

Born in 2002, Jisung is currently 15 and appears to be going through puberty. Since being known by the public through SM Rookies, Jisung has grown up quite a bit. His latest recorded height is 175 cm (5’7 inches) and has a shoe size of 280mm (US Size 10), and it looks like he’s only going to be growing even more. Check out these pictures that show Jisung’s growth throughout the years.


Irene, Jisung, and Haechan when they were still SM Rookies (left) and Jisung and Irene at a music broadcasting show during the “Chewing Gum” era (right). Jisung has grown to be much taller than Irene!

Jisung used to be the shortest and youngest of these NCT Dream members, but now he is the same height, if not taller, than most of them!

Just within a few months, Jisung already grew taller since NCT Dream’s last promotions.

Jisung’s feet are growing too!

Look at how tall the maknae is now!

This NCT Dream member is known for looking like Korean actor Ji Soo

Jisung’s growing up well!

Source: Instiz