Netizens Have One Issue With Jeon Somi’s Back-Up Dancer Outfits

They’re not happy with the outfits.

Usually, soloists who dance and sing will have back-up dancers to help complete the stage and make the performance seem more full. Usually dancers will wear monochromatic colors and all wear the same thing to allow the soloist to shine. Check out Chungha and Sunmi with their back-up dancers below for an example.

Fans have noticed that Somi‘s back-up dancers wear the same colors as she and all have different outfits. While the outfits are beautiful, many netizens agree that it makes Somi look more like the center of a group than soloists, and sometimes the back-up dancers have better outfits than her.

Many are hoping that their stylists and coordinators give Somi better outfits that will allow her to stand out as a soloist, saying that Somi deserves to shine on stage


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