K-Netizens Praise aespa Karina’s Sweet Personality Towards Nervous Fan During A Fan Call Event

What a sweetheart!

As K-Pop fans, we know how nervous it can be to meet your fave idols for the first time! In the case of one fan, they shared their experience meeting aespa’s Karina through an online fan sign event. Karina could be seen trying to make conversation after the fan blanked out from nervousness.

During the first call, Karina sang the fans’ song request to sing a song by Meenoi and continued to make conversation so that the fan would feel less nervous during their first fan call event! What stood out was that Karina remembered this fan for every online fan sign-call event until they eventually met each other at an offline fan sign event!

During their second fan call, Karina remembers the fan and reveals that she thought of the fan after hearing that singer Meenoi released a new song.

During their third fan call, the fan becomes more comfortable, as Karina listens to all of the fans’ requests!

During the fourth fan call, Karina reveals she straightened her hair because the fan had wanted to see this hair style!

During the fifth fan call, Karina wishes the fan a happy birthday and states that she will be waiting for her at the offline fan sign event!

And finally, the fan attended an offline fan sign event and shared that Karina recognized her right away! K-Netizens who saw this instantly fell in love with Karina’s caring and sweet personality.

  • “How can she be like this…if it’s like this I would go to fan sign events every day!”
  • “Wow..I think I’m falling for her…”
  • “This is the first time saying this about a girl K-Pop idol, but isn’t she an angel?”
  • “Seeing all the fan sign events at once makes it looks like some kind of movie!”
Source: theqoo