Netizens Praise A Fourth Gen K-Pop Girl Group For Their Creative And Size Inclusive Merchandise

Fans are excited about how cheap it is as well!

One of the easiest ways to announce that you are a K-Pop fan is by wearing or using some merchandise. This can include fanmade items or official merch from the group themselves.

BTS’s Jin with his self-designed merch. | HYBE

Sometimes, fans are less than pleased with the merchandise their favorite groups offer and are openly critical of company designs for several reasons, including price, sizing, and look.

In a change of pace, a fourth-generation girl group has earned praise from netizens for their creative, low-priced, and size-inclusive merchandise.

Five-membered girl group PIXY announced they would be going on their first US tour a few weeks ago. The extensive tour route impressed fans as they would hit over fifteen states, with several having multiple stops.

The group also excited fans with their ticket packages, as fans could partake in a fan sign and take selfies with the group. The highest package also included all of the merch items they would sell on the tour, which was yet to be announced.

PIXY “Everything + Everything” Ticket is now $450 USD. | LEO PRESENTS

Recently, the group shared their tour merch, including a lightstick, several t-shirt designs, and a teddy bear.

On the design flyer, fans couldn’t help but notice two things — the low price of the items and the size range offered by the group! A t-shirt costs a reasonable $20 USD, while the tour date shirt sizes go from a size small to a four XL.

As a lot of K-Pop merch often has limited sizes or is priced much higher, fans couldn’t help but praise the group. In a TikTok shared by user @dizzzys, fans showed their appreciation.


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