Netizens Praise (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua For Her Hard Work Paying Off During The Promotion Of “Uh-Oh”

She steadily got better at her part and viewers noticed.

(G)I-DLE actively promoted their summer bop “Uh-Oh” until their last performances on music programs mid-July. While fans loved each and every stage of “Uh-Oh”, they are especially fond of how hard Shuhua worked on her solo part – and how it showed improvements as weeks went by.


In the early performances, when Shuhua first began performing her part in the song, she looked beautiful, but somewhat nervous enough that fans picked up on the vibe. She stuck to the original choreography without adding too much of her own flare or improvised gestures.


As the promotion of the song continued, however, Shuhua began loosening up on stage and figuring out how to make her colors show during the short few seconds that she has the spotlight to herself.


She began expressing a wider range of emotions through different facial expressions…


By the last few weeks, Shuhua experimented with different gestures and facial expressions to really make the most of her solo moment…


… but her best came during the very last performance of “Uh-Oh” on Inkigayo. She looked all kinds of hot, sexy, and fierce! Fans can’t get enough of Shuhua’s little growl that she added in to spice things up.


Netizens, after watching a compilation of Shuhua’s part in “Uh-Oh” performances throughout the duration of the promotion, are now praising her for working hard and making improvements that were noticeable. They appreciated Shuhua’s effort to always do better than how she had done before!


Watch the compilation video here and check out Shuhua’s transformation from meow to rawr:

Source: THEQOO