Netizens Predict The Next TWICE Member To Debut Solo

Netizens speculate it could be either of these three members.

The K-Pop world has been abuzz with TWICE‘s major moves lately. Following Nayeon‘s chart-topping debut with mini album IM NAYEON and its vibrant title track “POP!” last summer, and Jihyo‘s recent sultry release ZONE with its addictive title track “Killing Me Good,” fans and netizens alike are on the edge of their seats.

The burning question on everyone’s lips? Who’s next?

Complicating the scene, the Japanese subunit MISAMO, consisting of Momo, Mina, and Sana, has already made their stamp in Japan last month with their mini album MASTERPIECE and their enigmatic title track “Do Not Touch.” This leaves netizens speculating that the next TWICE member to venture solo could be among these three members.

1. Chaeyoung: The Soloist with Original Flair?

When TWICE toured the world earlier this year, one particular performance left ONCEs awestruck: Chaeyoung’s solo original song.

Not only did she showcase her vocal prowess, but her ability to hold the stage alone was evident. A soloist requires a strong presence, and Chaeyoung might just have the right mix of originality, confidence, and talent to be the next solo star.

2. Jeongyeon: The Vocal Powerhouse?

Jeongyeon has always been lauded for her vocal strength since her debut. With her unique timbre and ability to belt high notes with ease, she has a strong case for a solo venture.

Fans have been clamoring for her to have more lines in TWICE songs for a reason. It’s easy to imagine her delivering powerful ballads or even branching out into different genres. With her mature visuals and undeniable charms, Jeongyeon could very well surprise everyone with a solo hit.

3. Dahyun: The Musical Prodigy?

Many now know that Dahyun is not just a rapper. She is a multifaceted musician who has shown her skills in both playing instruments and writing music.

Her deep understanding of melodies and song structure can provide a unique edge if she chooses the solo route. We can expect anything from rhythmic rap-heavy tracks to softer melodies that showcase her understated vocal skills.

While speculations run wild, it’s essential to remember the bond that the TWICE members share. Each member’s success, whether solo or in subunits, only adds to the group’s collective glory. As for who’s next to take on the solo world by storm, ONCEs know that any member of TWICE is bound to deliver quality music and unforgettable performances.

Whether it’s Chaeyoung’s originality, Jeongyeon’s powerful vocals, or Dahyun’s musical genius, the K-Pop world is in for a treat.