Netizens Are Raving Over Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s Visuals In Her Vogue October Photo Shoot

She could give professional models a run for their money.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi‘s behind-the-scenes video of her photo shoot for Vogue Korea’s October issue was shared on Red Velvet’s YouTube channel, and netizens are raving over her visuals and confidence in nailing the shots required of her.

She went through her shots with relaxed poise and grace.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

She got a little shy and laughed when people were giving her cat calls.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

This red ensemble wouldn’t look good on just anyone, and Seulgi presented it well with her legs spread this way.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

She knew what poses would look good with the outfits she wore. Putting up her arms here gave her a long silhouette to give a better view of her body.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

She took the time to record a video message for her fans despite her hectic schedule.

| Red Velvet/YouTube  

Netizens who watched the video were raving about her visuals.

Watch the full video of Seulgi’s Bogue Korea photo shoot here:





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