Netizens React to APink Namjoo’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Netizens have not been hesitant on expressing their views about Namjoo’s plastic surgery rumors.

Netizens did not hesitate to criticize Apink’s Namjoo for her plastic surgery rumors.


Recent photos of the star have made netizens suspicious due to a noticeable change in her image.

  • “I don’t want to be concerned but…her face changed so muchㅠㅠ I’m so sad for her…”
  • “She looked so much better before”
  • “She’s basically wearing a new mask”
  • “What was the doctor thinking making her look like that…I wonder which part of her pretty face he didn’t like”
  • “There are tons of plastic surgeons but very few with an artistic sense and good skill”


Due to the amount of attention the issue was receiving, Apink’s agency Plan A Entertainment eventually responded to the issue by saying, “We have nothing to say about this matter.”


While many continue to criticize her, others have been concerned about her mental health and have been trying to show their support especially because the issue was gaining attention around the time of her birthday on April 15.

  • “Let’s all try to make her feel better! Happy birthday!”
  • “Being confident is our Namjoo’s charisma point~~~let’s get over it Namjoo happy birthday!”
  • “She looks a little different but her smile is still just as pretty^^♥”
  • “Namjoo happy birthday~ You’ve done such a good job since 2011 and I was so happy…of course I’m happy now too~!! Although there are bad times as well, let’s remember only the good things and live happily ever after with PANDA”
  • “So prettyㅠㅠㅠ don’t lose your confidence and show us more of your bright personality❤❤”


Many others have also expressed their frustration for Namjoo and the difficulties of being a celebrity.

  • “It sure is hard being a celebrity…what does it matter if they get plastic surgery or not”
  • “Whether she had plastic surgery or not, if she’s happy with the results then it’s fineㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m so sad when I see people commenting that she looked better before or asking why she got it done…she may be satisfied with it and that’s all that mattersㅠㅠㅠI feel terrible for her”
  • “Even though she’s a celebrity, I can’t believe an issue about someone’s appearance is being evaluated like this and reaching the top of the search ranking”


Despite some negative response from netizens, Namjoo will hopefully keep up her confidence and show her fans more of her charisma as Apink makes a comeback with their new song “Miracle” on April 19 in celebration of their 7th anniversary.

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Source: Osen and Instiz