Netizens React To BTS on Jimmy Kimmel 

The roles have been reversed as fans try to catch up on BTS’ ongoing American promotions! 

The group appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Wednesday which garnered a lot of interest from their international fans. 

Surprisingly, it was also realised that ever since BTS promoted in the United States – the roles have been reversed for their fans back in Korea. 

Ever since the episode aired, there had been increasing requests to have it translated into Korean… 

Lo and behold, BTS’ episode was eventually released with Korean subtitles. 

Before, it’s usually their international fans requesting for English subtitles… 

All of a sudden, it’s their local fans demanding for subtitles. They’ve switched places! 

The response on social media was impressively high and it even showed the obvious support between their fans, both Korean and international.