Park Bom Shows Off Her New Transformation, Receives mixed response from fans

Park Bom shared her new hair-do with a new selfie via Instagram and fans are showing mixed reviews about it.

In the picture on the Instagram, Park Bom posed for the camera with her trademark pouty lips and a bright red hair, creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

“It’s me. Park Bom. It’s been awhile. This was just taken. I want to take photos wearing pretty clothes now~ TT I miss you guys. My fans, good night.”

— Park Bom

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Fans loved her new sparky hairdo, remembering her red hair looks during the 2NE1 era.

Some even referred to her as a Pink Queen.

However, there are some concerns from her former fans as well.

“Bom, Please let it go and just live your life. You do realize that the flashy lights of the celebrity life are gone for you….

I used to be your fan back in the day and felt touched by your singing and I don’t want you to taint my memories of you like this.”

— A former fan from Pann

This is not the first time Park Bom is trying to communicate with the fans through the internet.

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Fans are hoping that she stays healthy and happy with any hair color.