Netizens Ship MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And WJSN’s Exy After Seeing Their Beautiful Friendship

What should their unit name be?

The Second World is a new reality survival program created by JTBC for female rappers in idol groups who are often accused of not being able to sing well. The series features a star-studded lineup including Yubin (formerly of Wonder Girls), Jimin (formerly of AOA), Oh My Girl‘s MimiMomoland‘s JooEBilllie‘s Moon Sua, and CLASS:y‘s Seonyou.

All the contestants for The Second World | JTBC

Amongst all the contestants, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and WJSN‘s Exy captured viewers’ hearts because of their uncanny chemistry.

Many fans began shipping them on Twitter, especially after they decided to partner up for a unit performance of Wanna One‘s hit single, “Energetic.”

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and WJSN’s Exy performing together | JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Moonbyul and Exy had a unique advantage among the contestants since they were friends even before the competition started. Exy and her fellow WJSN members Bona, Seola, and Eunseo even guested on Moonbyul’s radio show Studio Moon Night in 2021!

WJSN’s Exy, Bona, Seola, and Eunseo on Studio Moon Night with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul | NAVER NOW via MOO STAR/YouTube

Fans also noticed that the two weren’t afraid of showing how close they were, like how they would openly hold hands and mimic each other’s movements unintentionally.

Moonbyul and Exy must both be relieved to have a friend on the show and that they were able to perform together. Ujungs and MooMoos can’t wait to see their full performance in episode 4!

Watch the full episode 4 preview of The Second World below.