Netizens Shocked By Sexual Lyrics In KARD’s “ICKY,” But It’s Mild Compared To Their Other Songs

You might wanna check out the rest of their new album.

KARD recently made their comeback with their sixth mini album ICKY and its title track of the same name.

Netizens are shocked by some sexual innuendo found in the lyrics of “ICKY.” BM‘s verse especially has everyone doing a doubletake.

It’s ’bout to get risky
Hands gettin’ frisky
Threw it back, caught it like frisbee
Aroma pheromones diffusin’ all over
Situation might get sticky, icky, icky
(Woah) Got you excited
Said she want more than a tip
I ain’t talkin’ ’bout guidance
Dale, mami is wildin’, body temp’ risin’
Give you what you been desirin’, ooh



anyways stream icky #dprabi #kard @KARD

♬ original sound – abi


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♬ original sound – charles

BM himself has been having fun with netizens’ reactions. He has tweeted and replied to some fans.

Yet, longtime listeners of KARD know that none of this is all that shocking. For one thing, BM’s got some solo songs, such as “Bad Intentions,” that makes “ICKY” sound wholesome.

She gon bust it for me wide
Love it when your hips whine
Bend it back and work your thighs
Sweating beads through the night
What you need, I’m providing it
Mess around and break a spine with it
I could be a little rough or
I could be polite with it
Have your toes curl up when I slide in it
Ima go submarine in her ocean
Get on top and ride it like it’s stolen

— KARD’s BM, “Bad Intentions”

Not only that, but he was featured on “Put it on ya” with Jessi and nafla. The whole song is sexy, but his verse, especially, is a bit explicit.

Shawty throw it up, buss it downDive in it, don’t mind if I drown (splash)I’m the man, ten toes on the groundIf it’s ’bout the hustle or the p*ssy I don’t play around

— KARD’s BM, “Put it on ya”

We won’t even talk about some of BM’s live broadcasts. He even once got KARD’s channel banned due to his chaos!

Not just BM but the ladies of KARD have the explicit track “Fxxk You” on the new album. It’s certainly not a song about hating someone…

F*ck you, f*ck you
Just go with it let your body move

— KARD’s Somin and Jiwoo, “Fxxk You”

Also from the new album is the song “CAKE.” And, something has us thinking that they’re not talking about the baked dessert.

Cake on, on my body
Cake, I’ma move my body
Cake, don’t you want a taste?
Make you wanna put your to-tongue all on it
Cake, don’t let a bite go to waste


BM said it himself. “CAKE” is “freaky af.”

KARD has always been breaking boundaries in K-Pop, from their eclectic influence of genres to being one of the few active co-ed groups, and they’ve never been shy regarding lyrics, either. We’ve only given a few examples!

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