Netizens Still Aren’t Over The Special “Guest” Who Appeared During TXT’s First Win

Everyone fell for this special “person”

While TXT stole everyone’s heart with their amazing performance and ultimate win, there was one more “person” in attendance on The Show that stole the hearts of everyone there.


On March 12, TXT’s “Crown” was nominated for a win on The Show. With a total of 7,190 “Crown” took home first place winning TXT their first music show trophy in a little over a week since their debut.


The achievement was incredible and had fans all over the world celebrating but there was one more “guest” at the show that caught a whole lot of attention even from those who were focused on celebrating!


During that particular episode of The Show, NCT‘s Jeno wasn’t able to participate as a host. But although he wasn’t there in person, he was there in spirit. CLC‘s Yeeun made sure that Jeno was there with a life-size cardboard cutout of him.


She took him out on stage when she was revealing the winners…


And she made sure he got safely off the stage when TXT began their encore performance.


Everyone fell in love with the Jeno cutout and couldn’t stop laughing over his sudden appearance.


Even those who were focused on congratulating TXT on their big win couldn’t help mentioning the special guest!


And although it’s been a few days since, everyone is still not over Jeno’s amazing appearance on the show! Honestly, we aren’t either!