Netizens Suspect NCT’s Jaemin And Actress Kim Jee In To Be In A Relationship After A “Hinting” Instagram Story

“This is such a 2020 way of getting caught in a dating rumor…”

On April 29, 2020 KST, actress Kim Jee In posted an Instagram story, as a friendly shout out for actor Kim Gyu Tae who is featuring in the new Netflix original series Extracurricular.

Actress Kim Jee In

She shared a screenshot of Netflix’s main page, tagging Kim Gyu Tae’s Instagram handle and wrote, “Go big!” When the story was shared, however, some eagle-eyed followers noticed the name that got half-way captured in the screenshot.

Kim Jee In’s since-deleted Instagram story

It read, “Top Picks for Na Jae Min” — and as co-stars of the 2019 web drama Way to Dislike You, netizens believe the account allegedly belongs to NCT‘s Jaemin.

Since the story became quickly removed, netizens suspect that the actress and the idol may be in a romantic relationship. While some believed it could be a simple “sharing” of the account and profile, others insisted that “There is no other reason for an idol to be sharing his Netflix with an actress.”

NCT’s Jaemin
  • “Guys, be real. It is totally common for couples to share a single profile for Netflix. It sucks because she could have been more careful about it.”
  • “It’s obvious they share a single profile so they can watch together. What other explanation is there? Like, why else would these celebrities share Netflix login credentials? Especially when they’re not best friends or related? Get real.”
  • “But it could really be because they became good friends, no? Am I too naive for this world? LMAO.”
  • “Come on. Why would celebrities ever need to share Netflix profiles?”
  • “But how can we be sure that’s NCT’s Jaemin? Is the name Na Jae Min really that uncommon? It’s not like NCT’s Jaemin is the only Na Jae Min in this world…”
  • “This is, for a fact, sharing one profile between the two. Sometimes I click the wrong profile and end up accessing my sibling’s — and I know immediately it’s not mine because the shows we watch are drastically different.”
  • “Oh, so you guys think these two are sharing a single Netflix profile so they can be thrifty? Don’t be ridiculous.”

Mostly though, netizens couldn’t hide the awe at how “This is such a 2020 way of getting caught in a dating rumor.”

  • “Oh man, Netflix profile sharing? LOL. That’s pretty official. Good luck to them.”
  • “This is kind of cool. How far we’ve come since zooming in on reflections on spoons and stuff. Times have really changed, huh. LMAO.”
  • “Wow, LOL. What a 21st century kind of a way to get caught dating…”
  • “It’s almost sad how some of them are trying to deny this.”
  • “That is one refreshing way to catch an idol in a relationship…”

Since then, neither Kim Jee In nor NCT’s Jaemin has responded to the dating allegation.

Jaemin and Kim Jee In in “Way to Dislike You”
Source: THEQOO