Netizens suspect I.O.I’s Nayoung got a nose job

I.O.I‘s calm and composed leader “Stone” Nayoung is one of the rising idols receiving attention for her superior outward appearance.

However, based on a recent GIF picture circling around different social media platforms, netizens are debating whether Nayoung actually did a nose job. In this short animated picture, apparently a cut taken from Mnet’s wildly popular girl group survival show Produce 101, Nayoung was seen pinching her nose after crying and it seemed to left her nose in a weird shape.

While it may just be completely normal because she was sucking air hard through the nose after crying, netizens could not help but discuss about the possibility of a nose job.

The young K-pop star’s recent popularity is also proven by the fact that she has recently featured in the music video for Ailee‘s “If You“, which is doing superbly on various music charts.

Take a look at the GIF below. What is your opinion?