Netizens Think HyunA And DAWN Are Changing The Norm Of Dating In K-Pop

“They’re unprecedented in K-Pop…”

When Knowing Bros revealed its trailer for episode 204, featuring HyunA and DAWN (formerly E’Dawn) — who are not only in a relationship but also from the same agency — Korean viewers found the idea of them appearing on a show together quite interesting.

While it had already been announced that they will be gracing the show together…

Hyuna And DAWN To Guest In First Variety Show As A Couple

… it was one thing to hear about it, and another to actually see it happen. The trailer soon received a tremendous amount of attention, reaching over a million views on YouTube. Even the show host Super Junior‘s Heechul seemed pleasantly surprised by the guests!

I can’t believe we have an idol couple on the show…!

— Heechul

In the trailer, HyunA is seen addressing Dawn as her “Boyfriend” and openly discussing how the relationship began and more. “Strangely”, Korean netizens commented, “seeing them on TV together isn’t so weird anymore.”

They’re kind of growing on me. I like that they seem so happy together.

— Netizen

Korean viewers are now claiming that she and Dawn will be / are already changing the norm of dating in the K-Pop scene, by being this level of open about their relationship on national television.

You know what? I don’t hate this so much. It’s kind of cool to see them together. They’re unprecedented in K-Pop, and I don’t think this is bad at all.

— Netizen

Some even believe this actually marks the beginning of some drastic trend shifts in K-Pop’s dating world!

I wonder if this will become a thing in K-Pop now, for idols start dating publicly too — kind of  like Hollywood stars do? They could appear on TV shows together and go to red carpet events together…

— Netizen

As “new” as this is for the viewers and K-Pop fans, the anticipation keeps growing on how they will grow together. The two continue to show their love for each other on social media.