Netizens Have Turned Peppa Pig Into A K-Pop Sensation And We Can’t Get Enough

Peppa Pig is taking K-Pop by storm.

Peppa Pig is a cartoon character turned meme icon who just released a full-length album, and since doing so netizens have turned her into K-Pop royalty. Peppa Pig fan accounts have been popping up left and right, detailing her interactions with and connections to K-Pop faves.

According to the “fans” Peppa Pig has collabed with all of the greats, held her own fansigns, and even joined TWICE on stage during their TWICELIGHTS concert in Newark.

Watch Peppa’s talents in action in this fancam of her performance of “Bing Bong Zoo” which is definitely not actually a fancam of TWICE’S “YES OR YES”.

After Peppa Pig, we’re curious as to what cartoon “celebrity” might be aiming for a K-Pop crown next.