Netizens Uncover One Surprising Reason Why BTS Jimin’s Dancing Looks So Good

Be honest—have you ever noticed this?

According to a recent trending netizen post, pure talent isn’t the only thing that makes BTS‘s Jimin look so incredible when he’s dancing. Here’s one trait they noticed that has a surprising impact on his performances.

Why does Jimin’s dancing look so good? Some say it’s down to his years of professional training as the top student at Busan High School of Arts.

Others say it’s all down to raw talent that simply can’t be taught or replicated.

But one netizen on TheQoo has posed another, minor factor that contributes to Jimin’s awe-inspiring performances on stage: his hair.

According to the fan, alongside moving with the beat and perfecting every move, Jimin’s dancing is fun to watch because of his “swishy” hair that flies around as he performs. And, they posted plenty of GIFs to prove it.

At first, you may not think hair could make a noticeable difference to anyone’s stage presence, but look closely, and you can’t deny how mesmerizing that “hairography” is.

It looks particularly impressive when his hair is brightly colored, standing out even more against the stage backdrops.

But even black haired Jimin has marvelous hair moves that capture attention almost as well as he does.

Whether he’s being sultry…

… or powerful, Jimin’s hair moves as he does, emphasizing his vibe and his talent.

That said, given how skilled Jimin is, he’d probably look just as impressive even if he showed up on stage bald.

Source: TheQoo