Never-Before-Heard Raw Audio Track From EXO’s “Monster” Revealed At KCON

KCON is always has a ton of surprises for fans, but nothing could have prepared them for what LDN Noise had in store!

LDN Noise are song and record producers, who have worked with SM Entertainment consistently.

They’ve worked to created hits such as SHINee’s “View”, Taeyeon’s “Why”, EXO’s “Monster”. 

During their panel at KCON 2017, LDN Noise blessed the ears of K-Pop fans present at the event with a peek at the raw audio track of EXO’s “Monster”.

The panelists isolated various audio tracks from EXO’s recording, giving fans not only an idea of what the singers sound like without the music but an insight into the very composition of the song.

While a full acappella version of the song, hasn’t been released, fans did compile the raw recordings.