Song Kang And Han So Hee Tried To Make Each Other Swoon, And Netizens Can’t Get Enough

Their chemistry is 🔥🔥

There is no denying that, although JTBC‘s drama Nevertheless has gained mixed reviews and ratings, fans have fallen in love with the chemistry from the lead actors Song Kang And Han So Hee, both on and off the screen.

Song Kang and Han So Hee | JTBC Drama

In a recent video on The Swoon, Song Kang and Han So Hee were given the challenge to try and make each other feel butterflies in their stomach. In a nod to the show, with a series of different questions on their characters and their personal lives.

From the very first question, netizens couldn’t miss the chemistry that seemed to be coming from both actors. When asked how her personality had changed since becoming an actress, Han So Hee managed to make Song Kang blush without even speaking about him.

The duo was also very playful with each other, and it was enough to have viewers at home swooning! When asked if there was a care guide for Han So Hee, because she failed to think of an answer, Song Kang declared himself the winner only to be told it wasn’t a competition.

If that wasn’t enough, it seemed like the duo wanted to praise each other as much as possible. When asked if there was a drama that made them cry, Han So Hee pointed to Song Kang’s recent drama Navillera, and if that wasn’t grade A flirting, then what is?

Yet, it seems like it isn’t just netizens trying to spur on chemistry and romance off-screen. During one of the final questions, Han So Hee explained that there was something that she missed out on which she would’ve liked to have had when she lived alone.

When I lived alone many years ago, I don’t think anybody asked me, ‘Are you eating well?’ So, I think it’s heartwarming when someone asks me that.

— Han So Hee

Of course, Song Kang couldn’t let that one go and replied with a simple, “Have you eaten?” which made Han So Hee swoon and even had the cast behind the scenes cheering them on.

Even though the two may only be in a relationship on-screen, netizens in the comments couldn’t get enough of their chemistry.

  • FUN FACT: I can’t see the difference between the K-Drama and real-life… the chemistry feels so real.
  • The staff cheer after Song Kang’s sacred “have you eaten?” is just the representation of the whole fandom.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: The Swoon
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