This New BLACKPINK Ad Looks So Good People Thought It Was Their New MV

BLACKPINK is back and fresher than even in their latest commercial for the sparkling water brand Trevi.

On May 1st, the sparkling water brand Trevi unveiled their latest commercial featuring none other than the lovely ladies of BLACKPINK.

The video begins with a beautiful shot of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo who cooly twists open the cap.

The scene then switches to a shot of all the girls surrounding Jennie as she opens her bottle that explodes in shimmering sparkles.

What comes next is a series of fun moments that captures the girls performing various activities while enjoying their refreshing water.

Jennnie can be seen doing stretches on top of her yoga ball with two bottles of Trevi fountain next to her.

The shots in the commercial capture Jennie’s beauty as she continues on with her exercise before she takes a drink of her water.


The commercial then focuses on Lisa who can be seen putting on her roller blades as she’s about to shred through the streets.

The blonde is then seen holding the Trevi bottle and enjoying a sip of the carbonated drink.

The focus of the video goes back to the group as the girls play around with buckets of colorful balls. The scene gives off a very fun and friendly atmosphere as the girls laugh at their own antics.

The final view of the video is a rooftop scene with the girls partying it up with their favorite drink. The lighting, view, and vibes of the atmosphere make the girls look completely dreamy.

With their vocals in the background and beautiful aesthetics, the video almost seems like a teaser for their comeback!

Check out the refreshing video below!