This New Discovery In K-Beauty Will Change The Way You Dye Your Hair Forever

A Korean dermatologist found that adding a teaspoon of cooking oil to hair dye helped the color last longer.

She first explained that dying one’s hair was the process of letting artificial colors permeate through the hair’s cortex.

Image Source: Evolve Hair Studio

She then explained that adding cooking oil to dye coated the hair and its surroundings and protected it.

With the added layer of protection, the dye would fade more slowly and let the color last twice as long!

To test if this was true, two hair dyes of the same color were prepared, and only one of them had a teaspoon of oil added into it.

They then dyed two black wigs with the respective dyes and saw that there was no difference in the outcome regarding color.

When they showed the rinsing process, however, the color of the water the wigs were washed in told a different story.

The one that was dyed with oil showed that less of the dye was washing off from it compared to the other one.

They then washed the wigs 20 times using similar techniques, and saw that there was a significant difference in the intensity of the color at the roots.

Everyone was shocked at how well it worked and said that they’ll be adding oil the next time they dye their hair.

Watch the full video below!