This New Korean App Allows You To Go On A Virtual Date With K-Pop Idols

WM Entertainment revealed on January 26 that B1A4‘s Gongchan will be the main character in the new mobile game app “I Need Romance“.

The game will be a romance simulator, in which Gongchan appears as a K-Pop idol in the game also. In the game, Gonchan plays a guy called “Eun Sehyun“, and his character will be a very big-hearted character.

The aim of the game is to help the relationship between the user and Eun Sehyun blossom by trying to figure out and understand his genuine feelings and true self.

TAKEONE Company released the game with the objective to provide fans a real-life dating experience with a K-pop idol, where real-life video is used throughout the game so that fans could feel like they were truly in a relationship with Gongchan.

According to the CEO of TAKEONE, he was curious as to what it would be like to date someone as popular and attractive as a K-Pop star; thus, fueling his ideas for such a game.

“I think everyone has at least wondered what it would feel like to date an attractive Korean pop star. I think many fans will have fun planning out their virtual relationship with a popular idol through this game. B1A4’s Gongchan will be starting off the series. I hope fans can feel their heart flutter with Gongchan in the game.”

– CEO Jeong Min Chae

However, the game won’t only be limited to Gongchan. TAKEONE Company has announced that Gongchan is only the beginning in a series of games. The company plans to include other idols such as Produce 101, C.I.V.A‘s Kim Sohee, Dal Shabet‘s Soobin, and SECRET‘s Jun Hyoseong.

The mobile game app for “I Need Romance” will be released sometime in February.

Source: TenAsia