A New Look At NCT 127’s Reaction To Winning Their First Grand Prize Proves How Humble They Actually Are

Humble kings!

A new look at NCT 127‘s reaction to winning their first grand prize at the 31st Seoul Music Awards showed how unexpected their win was for them, proving they are humble kings.

NCT 127 at the Seoul Music Awards | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

While some members are seen less clearly than others in the new footage, the videos show how unexpected the win was for most of them, this being the group’s first grand prize in their career. Doyoung even explained in a message to NCTzens after the ceremony that this win was like a reminder of the dreams he had lost sight of over the years.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

Before I debuted, I had big dreams as a trainee. The grand prize was a big part of the dreams. But as time went by, I felt that my big dreams were gradually fading because I was busy thinking about the immediate future, not the distant future. And at first I felt sad but even that emotion was buried. As soon as we were called today, I remembered the days when I had a big dream, and I think my emotions were so overwhelming that I couldn’t speak. Thank you so much for not forgetting the dream that I thought had faded. I was worried about whether I could win such a big award, but I think I should repay it with gratitude rather than worry.

— Doyoung

Judging by the look on the members’ faces, it seems like they all shared Doyoung’s feelings, as they were all equally stunned when NCT 127 was announced the winner. Yuta seemed like he had had no expectations of winning…

…while Jaehyun looked so nervous before the announcement that he was visibly shaking. And when the group’s name was called he was in disbelief.

But unlike Jaehyun, Taeyong was very much excited, jumping up immediately and hugging Renjun and Jeno of NCT DREAM. Despite the surprise at the unexpected result, Taeyong clearly felt happy that the group’s hard work paid off!

Mark, however, was genuinely shocked…

…and Haechan was utterly bewildered.

Like Yuta, Taeil didn’t look like he had many expectations about winning the biggest award of the night.

And Jungwoo was also very much questioning it!

Though perhaps no one was quite as stunned, or emotional, as Doyoung was, who really struggled to believe it.

The fact that the members were so shocked by their win, and the fact that most of them looked like they had had no big expectations, proves how little they took such an award for granted. And given their low expectations, it also more clearly explains why many of them were so emotional after they were called to receive the award. Once again, congratulations to NCT 127. Their humility makes their win all the more well-deserved!