This New Trend In Korea Is Already Becoming More Desirable Than The V-Line

In the past, Koreans often favored V-line jaws that gave people the appearance of a slim and small face.

Davichi’s Minkyung has a smooth V-shaped jawline.

Many idols with the V shaped jaws were highly praised for having straight and smooth jawlines with sharp chins.

HIGHLIGHTs Kikwang also has a smooth V-shaped jawline that connects straight to his ear.

Nowadays, the trend has shifted, and people are seeing the charms of an L-line jaw shape instead.

It’s also known as the “royalty jaw” as it gives the appearance of a powerful and elegant king or queen.

Idols such as DIA’s Chaeyeon…

…EXO’s Kai…

…Weki Meki’s Doyeon…

…and Nana all have sharp, L-shaped jaw lines that give them a strong and sophisticated look.

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Source: Dispatch