These New Types Of Cell Phone Cases Are The Newest Online Craze

An Etsy user, Miko Ho and her husband worked together to create the cutest animal butt phone cases.

Miko Ho and her husband teamed up to create these cute animal butt phone cases. They decided to start selling them online, and made designs for a wide range of different animals, from cats, dogs, to pandas, and even monkeys.

Every item on their online Etsy store, MoonFeltCraft, is handmade by the couple themselves and show their talent for handcrafting items, as every case looks amazing. Aside from phone cases, they also sell and make fun keychains, refrigerator magnets, brooches, and berets.

The cases are very popular, and often receive reviews from impressed and excited customers praising the quality of the case and its design.

“It’s the most perfect case I’ve ever seen. The details of the cat butt, the balls (lol), the tails, the paw, and even the stripes were very well done. Could feel the effort of the seller put into making this awesome craft.”

— Etsy Customer’s Review

Check out these photos of the cute cases below!

A cute cat butt on a felt black phone case.
The cutest cat butts with different colors for users with different color preferences.
On the left side is the cute panda butt case and right side is the regular felt phone cases without the animal butts.
These truly are a unique way to style out your smartphone.
More of the sample Corgi butts around the Corgi felt butt phone case.
It’ll be impossible to misplace the phone, with a monkey’s butt sticking up in the air.

SourceBoredPanda and MoonFeltCraft