NewJeans Danielle And Haerin’s MBTI Types Couldn’t Be Further Apart In One Specific Way

The members were shocked when they found out.

The members of NewJeans recently took a Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, test to learn more about themselves. After answering a series of questions, they were told their general personality type corresponding to a combination of 4 letters: I (introversion) or E (extroversion), N (intuition) or S (sensing), F (feeling) or T (thinking), and lastly P (perception) or J (judgment).

A chart of all the possible MBTI types | Wikipedia
The members of NewJeans | NewJeans/YouTube 

Although it is not foolproof, the test has become a popular topic worldwide since it could help paint a better picture of the values and traits of a person. Many idols, like TWICE and BTS, have also taken the test and shared their results with fans.

The members of BTS | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

The MBTI types of the girls are as follows: Minji is an ESTJ, Hanni is an INFP, Danielle is an ENFP, Haerin is an ISTP, and Hyein is an INFP. The traits of the members are well balanced, apart from Minji being the only member who is a J (or judging) rather than a P (or perceiving).

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Another interesting statistic to note was each member’s inclination toward their traits. For example, although Danielle is an F (or feeling) type, she was only one point away from being a T (or thinking) type instead! On the other hand, she scored the max amount for E (or extroversion).

Looking at Haerin’s results, she was the polar opposite of Danielle since she scored the max amount for I (or introversion)! The girls were shocked to discover that their team had a totally introverted member and another totally extroverted member.

To wrap up the video, the staff told NewJeans that they expected the girls to have great chemistry with one another based on their results. Minji, the oldest member, said that even without the MBTI test, they knew they would get along since they could easily live together without conflict.

Watch the full video below!


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