NewJeans Chooses The Emojis That Best Represent Them And Their Thoughtful Answers Show Their True Personalities

The responses were surprisingly meaningful for the light-hearted game.

NewJeans recently had their first photoshoot with ELLE Korea, and after modeling for the famed magazine, they also participated in the “emoji” interview for ELLE Korea’s official YouTube channel.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hanni, Haerin, Minji, Danielle, and Hyein | @picsnewjeans/Twitter

Since it was their first photoshoot for a magazine, the members were first asked to pick an emoji that expressed how they felt about the photoshoot.

For Minji, she picked the “100” emoji, saying although it was their first magazine photoshoot, the members had confidence and did well.

Danielle picked the layered pink heart emoji to express that she felt the photo shoot was full of love, which helped since she was nervous.

Hyein initially chose the diamond emoji but hilariously swapped it for the smiling face with hearts emoji after Danielle’s heartfelt answer. Hyein explained she chose the new emoji because she was happy all day during the photoshoot.

Haerin chose a camera for the simple reason that they took photos and filmed videos.

Hanni admitted her decision was equally as simple; she chose a kiss mark emoji since they were promoting Chanel‘s new lipstick for the photoshoot.

Later in the video, they were asked to choose emojis that best expressed themselves. Their expertly given answers for this round were surprisingly thoughtful for the lighthearted game, continuing to prove they’re a top rookie group.

Minji picked the “shushing” emoji and admitted it’s because she thinks she’s a mysterious person that still has a lot to show.

When Danielle saw the sunflower emoji, she knew she had to pick it. Danielle’s touching goal is to “give out happy and bright energy” like the flower.

Maknae Hyein’s answer was heartwarmingly insightful as she grabbed the sprout and eyes emoji. She explained that the eyes represent her own eyes, “full of curiosity,” and the sprout represents her growing and learning new things.

Haerin gave another straightforward answer and said she went with a “simple” response again after being drawn to the sun emoji. She concluded, “it’s an emoji that can show me well.”

Finally, Hanni chose an upside-down smiley face because it’s mysterious like she is.

Their thoughtful answers reveal more about the newly debuted group members’ personalities.

True Personalities