NewJeans’ Hanni Names The 3 Artists That Dominate Her Playlist

One of them is an Australian band.

The members of NewJeans are the latest fourth-generation idols to become trailblazers for K-Pop worldwide. Like many groups that debut nowadays, they have a few members, namely Hanni, Danielle, and Minji, that can speak English fluently to communicate with international audiences, further increasing their reach. Haerin and Hyein are also actively learning to speak English and are already knowledgeable enough to converse casually.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

The girls recently sat down with SiriusXM for one of their first entirely English-language interviews. The members talked about how they handled their newfound popularity and the creative process behind making their latest singles, “Ditto” and “OMG.”

NewJeans on SiriusXM | SiriusXM/YouTube

The host also mentioned that other international artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had been on SiriusXM before, and he asked if there were any other singers that the group listened to.

Ed Sheeran (left) and Taylor Swift (right) | Ian West/PA Images and @taylorswift/Instagram

Hanni then explained that all of the members openly shared their music recommendations, so it was common for them to jam out together.

She said, “I think in my playlist, I really like band sounds, the authentic sounds of instruments, so um, 5 Seconds of Summer has been in my playlist for a good few years now.

5 Seconds of Summer | @5sos/Instagram

Other favorites for Hanni included American singers SZA and Bazzi!

SZA (left) and Bazzi (right) | @sza and @bazzi/Instagram

The host then complimented NewJeans by saying their music taste was incredibly diverse, and he was happy they could bond over the artists they love.

Watch the full interview of NewJeans on SiriusXM below! They talk about the artists on their music playlists at the 13:37 mark.


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