NewJeans’ Hanni Picks The Most Memorable Cover Of NewJeans From “Leemujin Service”

She had a clear answer.

NewJeans‘ massive success over the past year gained them many fans and international acclaim. Like many popular groups, their biggest hits, like “Hype Boy” and “Attention,” were covered by singers dozens, if not hundreds of times. Some of these alternate versions have gained millions of views on YouTube.

Greg Priester covering NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” | Greg Priester/YouTube

Some of the most popular covers of NewJeans came from a web series called Leemujin Service, which its namesake, Lee Mujin, hosts. The show’s premise is for artists to show off their vocal talents using a variety of songs in an isolated space. ASTRO’s Sanha, Oh My Girl‘s YooA, and SWJA (also known as Sunwoo JungA) covered NewJeans’ “Hurt,” “Hype Boy,” and “Cookie,” respectively, when they were on the show.

ASTRO’s Sanha covering NewJeans’ “Hurt” | KBS Kpop/YouTube

When NewJeans’ Hanni was the featured guest, she thanked her sunbaes (the Korean word used to address senior professionals) for putting their twist on her group’s songs and singing them beautifully.

Lee Mujin (left) with NewJeans’ Hanni (right)

Lee Mujin then had to ask her to choose the most memorable performance of the three, and without hesitation, Hanni picked SWJA’s cover of “Cookie!”

She then explained that SWJA’s creative use of unique hand sounds and a looping machine made her stand out. SWJA is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has worked with K-Pop icons such as IU, 2NE1, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P, and many more.

SWJA covering NewJeans’ “Cookie”

Hello. We watched your cover of ‘Cookie,’ and we’d like to thank you for doing such a cool cover of it.” Hanni shyly said in a video message to SWJA. She couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear!

Since NewJeans are still considered rookies in the K-Pop industry, it must be a tremendous badge of honor for them to be covered by so many of their sunbaes. Watch NewJeans’ Hanni on Leemujin Service below! They talk about Hanni’s favorite cover of NewJeans from the show at the 3:28 mark.

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