NewJeans’ Minji Chooses Between 5 Haerins Or A 5-Year-Old Haerin

There was a clear winner.

NewJeans‘ leader Minji sat down with Elle Korea to answer any questions the magazine had for her. One included choosing between five versions of Haerin or a single version of Haerin’s childhood self.

Minji and Haerin.

The magazine asked Minji to decide on having five sixteen-year-old Haerins or one single five-year-old Haerin.

It took Minji a moment to think through the options. She then chose five-year-old Haerin. There was a specific reason why it was the best choice for Minji.

She wanted to see Haerin’s cuteness for herself. Minji explained, “I’ve seen a baby photo of Haerin. She looked so adorable.

When thinking of more than one Haerin, Minji said, “I don’t know. I don’t think I can handle five Haerins.

Because the members of NewJeans are so close, they know each other’s personalities—and limits—better than anyone.

See Minji have some fun thinking about the options.