NewJeans’ Minji Explains What Really Happened During Her Viral Bubble Pop Fancam

“I didn’t think it’d turn out like this.”

NewJeansMinji went viral from a freestyle part in “Attention”, where she cutely popped a bubble during their Inkigayo stage. It gained millions of views on multiple platforms. But Minji revealed it wasn’t what it seemed.

When Elle Korea asked Minji to share any behind-the-scenes stories about it, she revealed what really happened. The bubbles were used three times for an added effect, doubling the number of bubbles for the last part of the stage. That ended up causing a problem for Minji.

There were so many bubbles that Minji couldn’t see properly. She said, “My sight was full of bubbles, so I couldn’t see at all.

While Minji looked like she was popping the bubble for fun, there was an actual reason.

So I thought, ‘I should secure my sight.’ I made eye contact with the bubble and popped it. I popped it in order to secure my sight.

— Minji

Like many viral moments, Minji didn’t expect it to become such a big deal and thought it would blow over.

Even so, Minji could appreciate the fun moment for going viral.


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