This NewJeans Photocard Is Going Viral For An Unexpected Reason

A certain photocard has been capturing the attention of fans across social media.

It’s no surprise that K-Pop sensation NewJeans has been blazing trails across the music industry with their latest mini album, Get Up. Released on July 21, this stunning array of six tracks, led by hit singles “Super Shy,” “ETA,” and “Cool with You,” have captured the hearts and playlists of fans worldwide.

NewJeans | ADOR

As a testament to NewJeans’ unending charm, the album also features visually stunning music videos with intriguing collaborations. IT titan Apple, beloved media franchise The Powerpuff Girls, accomplished South Korean actress Jung Hoyeon, and renowned actor Tony Leung all make their mark alongside the K-Pop sensations.

However, there’s more to the buzz than just their infectious tunes and cinema-worthy music videos — a certain photocard has been capturing the attention of fans across social media platforms, notably Twitter.

NewJeans for “Super Shy.” | ADOR

You might be wondering, “What’s so special about a photocard?” Well, we’re here to give you the tea! The viral photocard features Hyein, one of the beloved members of NewJeans, and it’s not just her mesmerizing beauty that’s got the internet abuzz.

Hyein’s photocard for “Get Up” | ADOR

Interestingly, it’s her uncanny resemblance to a character from the popular basketball manga Slam Dunk that’s driving fans wild.

Ayako from “Slam Dunk” manga series. | Raijin Comics

In the photocard, Hyein channels the vibes of the character Ayako, capturing her distinct curls and big brown eyes in the image. This unexpected correlation has lit up Twitter, with fans showering the young star with love and admiration for nailing the unique look.


The manga-loving segment of the NewJeans fanbase is having a field day, retweeting and sharing the photocard with absolute delight. The tweet pointing out the resemblance has gone stratospheric, clocking in at over 25,000 likes, 18,400 retweets, and nearly 3,000 quotes.

This photocard phenomenon is another living proof of the eclectic blend of elements that make K-Pop such an alluring genre. The music not only extends to the realms of fashion and visual arts but also engages with pop culture references, resulting in an engaging fan experience.

Ayako from “Slam Dunk” anime. | TV Asahi

But back to our photocard phenomenon Hyein. In a hilarious turn of events, upon witnessing the whirlwind of attention she is receiving, some long-term NewJeans fans are playfully attempting to “gatekeep” their beloved idol. While they’re ecstatic about Hyein’s soaring popularity, they’re also engaging in lighthearted banter about how their “hidden gem” is now the talk of the town globally.

And so, amidst their international chart-topping success, NewJeans once again reminds us of the delightful surprises that come with being part of the K-Pop community. So, if you’re not already part of the NewJeans fandom, what are you waiting for? Go on, jump aboard, and enjoy the ride!