NewJeans Questions Haerin About Her “Disappointment” With Their Music Show Debut

Haerin tried to explain herself, but her members knew her too well 😂

NewJeans surprised netizens with their explosive debut last summer. Although most of the members were new to the entertainment industry, they blew netizens away with their incredible live performances and stage presence.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hyein, Hanni, Minji, Danielle, and Haerin | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

NewJeans made a lasting first impression as a rookie group, and their success has continued to their first comeback.

The group made their comeback a few months after their debut and again broke records with their two new tracks, “OMG” and “Ditto.”

| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

While their achievements and charm have made it easy to forget the group is less than a year into their careers, the members have remained humble when speaking of their success and continue to push themselves to be the best they can be.

Recently, the members were featured on Idol Human Theater, an unscripted variety program that describes itself as a “docucomedy of your favorite Idol’s life. No script but a lot of wits.

NewJeans’ promotional preview image for “Idol Human Theater” | KBS K-POP/YouTube

In newly released bonus footage, the members spent their practice time reviewing their music show debut footage, and although the stage was praised by many, there was one thing that hilariously “disappointed” Haerin.

As NewJeans prepared to practice their new songs, leader Minji suggested they review their debut Music Bank performance for “motivation.

Danielle jokingly expressed her frustration with the decision, pointing out that they needed to use practice time more efficiently after they had spent too much time monitoring past performances.

The intention was to learn from monitoring their performances, but the members quickly remembered YouTube now has a function that allows viewers to see what part of a video was replayed the most.

NewJeans checked their Music Bank performance to see what part was the most replayed and noticed it was the very beginning of the video which introduced the members.

When Haerin heard the results, she immediately went to double-check the video, adorably expressing disappointment that she wasn’t the most replayed part.

Her unnies immediately jokingly called her out while Haerin clarified that she wasn’t disappointed; she just double-checked because she was curious.

Minji and Hanni playfully teased the second-youngest member, sharing that Haerin’s tone told a different story.

The classic unnies vs. maknaes dynamics ended with the group’s true maknae Hyein cheering when her part was the next for review, ending the intense line of questioning for Haerin.

Of course, the moment was all in good fun and showcased the group’s adorably close bond. For more on their friendship and group dynamic, check out the article below!

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