NewJeans Received Important Advice From ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin That They Still Use To This Day

They remember her words for every performance.

The widespread popularity of the ADOR (All Doors One Room) girl group NewJeans is primarily thanks to the incredibly multitalented members of the group and their diligent staff.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

One of the people who worked tirelessly for the success of the group is the CEO of ADOR, Min Hee Jin, who used to work as a creative director at SM Entertainment and is responsible for the branding of famous groups such as Girls’ GenerationSHINeef(x)EXO, and Red Velvet. She worked closely with the members of NewJeans until their debut and retains a strong connection with them today.

NewJeans with Min Hee Jin | 유 퀴즈 온 더 튜브/YouTube

NewJeans recalled a critical piece of advice given to them by their CEO while reflecting on their unprecedented success on an episode of You Quiz On The Block. When host Yoo Jae Suk asked if there was anything Min Hee Jin told them often, Hanni replied, “No matter what we do, as long as we enjoy it, the audience will also enjoy it. Nothing can beat the person who enjoys it…enjoy the performance. Enjoy the day.

| 유 퀴즈 온 더 튜브/YouTube

The members then elaborated, saying that it was hard to follow Min Hee Jin’s advice until one moment while filming the music video for their debut single, “Attention,” when having fun clicked for them. That memory is what the girls go back to whenever they perform. “To enjoy it, you need to prepare a lot,Minji said.

Min Hee Jin explained her thought process, “I think you need to practice how to have fun. There’s only so much you can enjoy naturally. To enjoy what you like to do requires professional effort.

She emphasized that making mistakes was okay and their joy in the performance was the most important so they could truly enjoy their careers and whole lives.

Watch the full video below. NewJeans talks about the meaningful advice they received from Min Hee Jin at the 19:06 mark.


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