One NewJeans Song Was Originally Meant For Doja Cat—According To The Producer

The producer tweaked it to fit NewJeans’ unique sound.

In less than a year since NewJeans‘ debut, the group has released hit song after hit song, gaining love from fans and fellow K-Pop idols.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Because songs are often made with one artist in mind but end up in the hands of another, a producer revealed that one of NewJeans’ songs was initially meant for American artist Doja Cat.

Doja Cat | @DojaCat/Twitter

Grammy-nominated producer Monro shared a TikTok that showed everyone how he made NewJeans’ Coca-Cola promotional song “Zero”.

As the UK producer added layers to the song to show the process, Monro revealed that he’d originally created the song’s beat with Doja Cat in mind. The TikTok’s caption read, “Fun fact: when I started this beat I was making to send for Doja Cat.

The song found a home with NewJeans instead. As a talented producer, Monro made many changes to make it perfect for the group.

With how well “Zero” came out for NewJeans with all the arrangements, it would be hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off quite the same way.

See Monro lay out what really went into making the song for NewJeans.


How I made the beat for @NewJeans – Zero. @Coca-Cola #year_of_newjeans #newjeans #zero #cocacola #fyp

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