N.Flying Shares The Messages They Hope Latest Single “Oh really.” Will Give Fans

Yes really, the band truly hopes for all of it.

To commemorate the release of their latest single “Oh really.” and the upcoming release of their seventh mini-album, So, 通 (소통), N.Flying‘s members Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsung met in an interview to discuss the inspirations behind the song and the messages they hope it will give to fans.

Written and composed by leader Seunghyub, the song is based on personal experiences of wanting to understand the feelings of someone he cared for and apologizing if it’s something he struggles with, as sometimes he fails to understand himself. Besides sharing the meaning behind the song’s lyrics, Seunghyub was also excited to share the meaning behind its title.

Using “Oh really.” as the title for the song was inspired by Hweseung, which is a phrase he uses a lot. I remember watching conversations between him and a producer hyung and a sound engineer hyung and where he used that phrase. It sounded really awkward, especially since he was using it to with people older than him. But I still found it humorous, and it was a big inspiration behind this song.


Hweseung was quick to explain as to why he had used the phrase frequently, even amongst those older than him.

I used to sincerely say this a lot to show sympathy to others, especially if I wasn’t confident on how to respond because the other person wasn’t speaking directly or was kind of beating around the bush. Though honestly I don’t really use it much anymore.


“Oh really.” and So, 通 (소통) are following the band’s triumphant rise in K-Pop after last year’s hit song “Rooftop,” which was accompanied by an equally as exciting music video full of rooftop fun. The song rapidly climbed music charts and eventually won the band their first music show win and has become a song (and music video) that holds special places in fans’ hearts.

In contrast to writing a fun, youthful song like “Rooftop,” Seunghyub decided he wanted to try something different.

Instead of writing a song with the same themes [as Rooftop], I wanted to make a song that was for N.Flying right now to show our story and how we want to relate to our fans. It’s a song to show our stories as individuals and as a band in the present moment.


The members especially wanted this song to be a comfort to fans and encourage continued communication with others despite the unknowns our world is facing today.

Whe want to encourage others to still connect with each other despite our physical distance. When the struggles of Covid-19 are finally resolved, we hope people will still remember to reach out and communicate with others, even with N.Flying.


This past winter, the band announced a new member. Fellow labelmate Dongsung became the group’s new bassist following his time in the same role in FNC’s now-disbanded band HONESTY. N.Flying had been without a bassist since the departure of Kwang Jin as a result of a scandal late 2018 and had been “borrowing” bassists for live shows, such as FTISLAND‘s bassist Jaejin. Just over a year younger than Hweseung, Dongsung becomes the group’s new maknae, and “Oh really.” marks his first official release as a part of N.Flying.

Even with the differences, not only in the group’s lineup but also with the title track’s themes and messages, the members want fans to know they’re still the same goofy group they’ve always been.

The music video for “Oh really.” was released June 7 and the mini-album’s release will be on June 10.

Check out the official music video for “Oh really.” below:

Source: Korea Economic Daily