N.Flying Actively Looking For The Fan Who Fueled Their First “Rooftop” Win

“If you’re watching us by any chance…!”

On Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, band N.Flying‘s members appeared to discuss their recent win with the song “Rooftop” which soared back up the charts two months after its release. When Yoo Heeyeol asked the band about how the song regained attention, N.Flying pointed out that it is all thanks to an anonymous online post.

Leader Lee Seunghyub explained, “Someone posted on a popular website telling everyone to listen to a song. We also clicked to find out what that was about, only to realize that person was recommending our song.”

He added, “The post ended up receiving 130K views and by that point, ‘Rooftop’ entered the chart at #97.”


Guitarist Cha Hun showed great disappointment in that, because of the website being on an anonymous posting basis, the band was unable to track down the person who wrote the recommendation.

“We really tried our best to find out who wrote the post, but because everything is anonymous, we weren’t able to track down the writer.”

— Cha Hun


Drummer Kim Jaehyun took the opportunity of being on a national TV program to thank the writer and promise to treat him/her for helping N.Flying finally achieve their first win since their debut five years ago.

“If you’re watching us by any chance… We really, really want to treat you to a dinner… Or we could send you tickets to our performances. Whatever it is, we just really want to meet you, please!”

— Kim Jaehyun


The post, titled “This Song Deserves to Go Back on the Charts”, introduces N.Flying’s “Rooftop” in addition to providing a brief background to the band members’ stories.

“This is called ‘Rooftop’ and it’s written by N.Flying. It’s so good!!! To be honest, I’ve only heard about N.Flying before and never really gave them much thought. But recently, I found out that the band debuted in 2015 and they’ve been making good music – they just never really got their break. Apparently, the band members all trained for an average of 5 years, with one of them having been a trainee for almost a decade… And it might be because my personal favorite K-Pop group was also kind of unknown and received a bit of hate in the beginning, but whenever I see talented groups that struggle to make it big, I feel bad and want to help out… I really think it’s time for this band to shine now. I really don’t mean to ask a lot of you guys, but really just please give the song a go. You won’t regret it. Please help them make it on to the charts.”

— Anonymous 

Fellow website users are now flooding over to the original post, commenting that the band is looking for the writer. While there has not been a response from the person who initially put up this post, fans are excited for the writer getting the recognition from the band!


N.Flying members continue to remain excited and grateful for their song “Rooftop” receiving a lot of love, and the opportunities for the band to promote on music programs and appear on TV shows like Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.


Watch the full clip below: