N.Flying’s Seunghyub Reveals The Story Behind His Stage Name J.Don

It is a name he has not used for years!

N.Flying‘s leader Lee Seunghyub recently released his first solo track, “Clicker.” Those with eagle eyes would have noticed that, next to his real name on the video, is the moniker J.Don.

It is the name Seunghyub used before the debut of N.Flying in 2013. In an interview with PickCon, he explained why he chose to use the name J.Don in the first place.

“In the past, it was cool for rappers to have a stage name. I did it because I wanted it, but I didn’t think of anything.

His old title’s sudden use raised questions on why he debuted under his real name Lee Seunghyub.

He emphasized that it did not mean he had any preference for one name over the other and added that J.Don was created because it seemed “cool” to use a pseudonym. For these reasons, he chose to use both names with the release of his first solo track last month.

The first time Seunghyub used the name J.Don was when he started writing lyrics and composing music. It was also what he was referred to in the sub-unit Jimin N J.Don with AOA‘s Jimin.

Seunghyub recently released his latest track, “Clicker,” from his first solo album On The Track.

Source: PickCon