Niall Horan Admits His Massive Love For BLACKPINK

Niall Horan is the cutest fanboy ever!

In a recent interview, Niall Horan was asked what his guilty pleasure in music is.

His answer wasn’t something anyone expected!

He told the interviewer that his guilty pleasure is listening to BLACKPINK, and fans are screaming at how cute this is! He even sang the group’s iconic line, “BLACKPINK in your area!” And he did it so well!

Both BLINKs and fans of Niall Horan are raving about how cute this is!

Niall is a proven and certified BLINK indeed! He previously followed all the BLACKPINK members on Instagram as well!

He also posted about his love for BLACKPINK on his Instagram stories where he was asked about a collaboration with the group.

When BLACKPINK came back with “Kill This Love,” he also tweeted out the song’s title showing that he was looking forward to the girls’ comeback too! All these interactions between the two are making fans feel hopeful for a collaboration we all need!