Ni-Ki’s Little Sister To Perform Alongside ENHYPEN at “KCON in Japan”

Ni-Ki will definitely feel proud.

ENHYPEN‘s upcoming KCON performance in Japan just became more special after fans found that Ni-Ki‘s little sister is set to perform alongside the group on the big stage. Fans are excited they will get to witness what will undoubtedly be an emotional and special moment for Ni-Ki, as he will get to see his little sister perform on such a stage, and they can’t wait to see how it will unfold!

ENHYPEN was announced as part of the lineup for the third day of KCON In Japan back in March. The boy group, currently preparing to come back with their fourth mini album DARK BLOOD, is set to perform on May 14 next to acts like ITZY, iKON, Kep1er, and ZEROBASEONE. As ENHYPEN is a group that never disappoints and always goes above and beyond to give incredible performances with some intense choreography, fans couldn’t be more excited to see what the members have in store.

Not only are ENGENEs curious about which songs the group will choose to perform during the event, but the possibility of ENHYPEN performing a special song cover or adding a powerful dance break to their existing choreography has fans looking forward to May 14 even more.


But the excitement definitely went through the roof once ENGENEs found out that Ni-Ki’s dance studio family LEAD Entertainment, a Japanese dance studio, will also be performing at KCON in Japan on the same day.

The vast majority of ENHYPEN fans know that LEAD Entertainment is a dance studio owned by Ni-Ki’s family. It’s where the young idol got to harness most of his incredible dancing talent. He even had his own dance workshop as part of the studio! Ni-Ki’s younger siblings seemingly followed in his footsteps, as they are also part of the studio and just as talented at dancing too.

It seems like each day of KCON in Japan will include a K-Pop “Cover Dance Challenge” section. Thus, fans are assuming the LEAD Entertainment dancers, including Ni-Ki’s sister Misora will be participating in these cover dances. On the list for May 14, there are several K-Pop megahits included, such as Newjeans‘ “Attention,” ITZY‘s “WANNABE,” and BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom.”


While there’s no information if ENHYPEN will perform at the same time as the LEAD Dance Studio members, fans are hoping such an iconic reunion between the two siblings will happen. Even if they do not perform together, Ni-Ki will get to watch his little sister perform on such a big stage watched by thousands around the world firsthand — it’s hard to imagine a sweeter memory being created.